About Mask a Raid

In March 2020, Mask a Raid originated from the re-tooling of my main business, Studio Auckland.

Support social distancing efforts by wearing a washable and reusable face mask. Face masks do NOT replace social distancing but they can offer protection from dust, pollen and droplets and might keep you from touching your face.

My custom three-layer Mask a Raid face masks are individually handcrafted with 100% cotton outside and inside layers, a breathable antimicrobial hidden-filtration middle layer, adjustable elastic ear loops and a flexible wire for shaping to the bridge of your nose.

Please wash and dry before trying on or wearing for the first time. Hand washing and air drying is recommended. However, if you wish to machine wash, place your mask inside a lingerie bag or pillowcase. No fabric softener. Reshape your mask, including the nose wire, and allow to air dry. When dry, put your face mask on and shape the flexible wire at the bridge of your nose so it’s comfortable. Adjust the elastic ear loops for your own personal fit. Shorten or lengthen by sliding the silicone disc.

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I hope you are focusing on the positive so that you have the energy needed to weather this trying time. Here are nine ways you can STOP and smell the roses:

  • Know that we will get through this. We’ve all seen major life disrupters, but we are stronger because of them. Remind yourself of your resilience on a regular basis.
  • Play board games or online games. Take your mind off current events. There are many ways to play games online with friends and family. Or watch funny cat videos on YouTube.
  • Look after your neighbors. If you feel at low risk from the virus, the same may not be true for your neighbors. Check in on them (keeping six feet apart, of course). This will make them feel good, but it will remind you that there are others for whom this predicament is even more stressful.
  • Support your local businesses. Order delivery or groceries from independent restaurants, buy gift cards and shop online from local merchants, support GoFundMe and Kickstarter accounts for small businesses, post and leave great reviews on your favorite business’s social sites.
  • Mail a card or a gift. An unexpected card or gift can be a huge pick-me-up especially to the elderly who are living in nursing homes.
  • Take advantage of found time. Focus on those things you never seem to have time for and finish those you previously started.
  • Practice random acts of kindness. Kindness doesn’t require a monetary outlay. Who could benefit from your thoughtfulness and generosity? Act on it.
  • Keep your positive attitude. Be deliberate in activities that are positive, heartwarming and stress reducing, and laughter inducing.
  • Be grateful. Close every day with a positive acknowledgement of something you accomplished, learned or are grateful for.