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Quad Pouches


Organize your purse the Marie Kondo Way

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Carry Your Organized Purse the Marie Kondo Way

We all want to be organized. Or we, at least, want to think we’re organized. These quad pouches are a great step in the right direction. A set of four pouches, flat and tidy, will keep your purse and all those belongings clean and neat. Marie Kondo suggests just five steps to get you on the right path and my Quad Pouches fill the bill perfectly.

Step 1.  Take everything out of your bag
Step 2.  Get rid of everything that doesn’t Spark Joy
Step 3.  Categorize the items you’re keeping
Step 4.  Use Studio Auckland Quad Pouches to keep those items tidy
Step 5.  Place everything back in your bag arranged vertically.

A sustainable, eco-friendly item, this product is handsomely fashioned from the bark of cork oak trees from the Mediterranean. Cork is soft to the touch, as well as stain, mold and mildew resistant and it’s PETA approved. 

Being a natural, handmade product, this item will show variations in color and no two will be exactly the same.


♦   Large: 9.25″W x 6.25″H x 0.5″D
♦   Medium: 8.25″W x 5.25″H x 0.5″D
♦   Small: 7.25″W x 4.25″H x 0.5″D
♦   X-Small: 6.25″W x 3.25″H x 0.5″D


♦   Four pouches nest like Russian dolls


♦   Imported cork
♦   100% cotton canvas lining

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