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Square Pouch

Discreetly Carry Your Personal Items

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Carry Your Personal Items

Do you search your bag for a tampon only to find one at the very bottom with the outer wrapper mangled and torn?

Or why does it always seem that you run into a coworker as you’re making a quick trip to the ladies room with a tampon tucked in your clenched hand?

This square pouch is a great solution. Within its diagonal zipper, you can keep five or six tampons clean and wrapped — and discreet. Tuck it in your back pocket so nobody’s the wiser at work. There’s no need to even carry this in your hands — it will slip inside your back pants pocket if you’d like.

This pouch can also be used for small items such as headphones, lip gloss, cash, keys. 

A sustainable, eco-friendly item, this product is handsomely fashioned from the bark of cork oak trees from the Mediterranean. Cork is soft to the touch, as well as stain, mold and mildew resistant and it’s PETA approved. 

Being a natural, handmade product, this item will show variations in color and no two will be exactly the same.


♦   4.0″W x 4.0″H


♦   Square carrying case
♦   Diagonal zipper on one side


♦   Imported cork
♦   100% cotton canvas lining


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