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Fit Without Fail Pattern Generator

(24 customer reviews)


Storage Pouch / Dust Bag / Gift Bag

Sew a Custom-Sized Drawstring
Dust Bag and Gift Bag

Convenient, Accurate and Versatile — this is a revolutionary, must-have tool unlike any conventional sewing pattern you’ve previously used.

Sew an easy, custom-fit drawstring pouch to your exact specifications regardless of your sewing experience. Fit Without Fail is the ultimate web-based pattern calculator designed for beginners and seasoned sewers alike.

This is not a one-size-fits-all pattern! Enter the item’s height, width, and depth into the intuitive calculator and instantly receive precise cut dimensions for your chosen fabric and drawstring. The included step-by-step sewing instructions are designed to make the sewing process a breeze for everyone.

The possibilities are endless with Fit Without Fail’s finished drawstring pouch!

  • Embrace a stylish and sustainable storage solution using your pouches as dust bags to protect your designer- and custom-made handbags, backpacks, and other valuable items.
  • Fit Without Fail pouches are the perfect “giftwrap” for unusually shaped items, adding a personal touch to any present. Say farewell to wasteful paper wrapping and welcome a reusable and eco-friendly alternative.
  • Embrace the power of home organization, too. Keep your home tidy by using them for children’s toys, seasonal clothing storage, or any other clutter-busting needs.

Fit Without Fail is not just another downloadable PDF file. It’s a dynamic web-based pattern generator that you can use over and over again.

What’s Included

  • Unlimited access to the web-based pattern calculator
  • Start Here Guide
  • Guidance to measuring a handbag or another product
  • Ten easy-to-follow sewing steps with full-color diagrams
  • Every custom dimension conveniently restated throughout the sewing directions
  • Fabric and drawstring suggestions
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • All future changes and updates

Required Skill Level

  • Beginner Sewer. You should know how to measure and cut straight lines in woven fabric. You will be operating a sewing machine, sewing straight lines, making a casing and inserting a drawstring.

What You’ll Need

  • Exterior fabric: quilting cotton, linen, flannel, sheeting, muslin, twill (the amount is determined by your dust bag’s custom size)
  • Drawstring: twill tape, ribbon, cotton cord (the length is determined by your dust bag’s custom size)
  • Ruler and rotary cutter or sewing shears, marking pencil/pen
  • Sewing machine and thread

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PLEASE NOTE: You are purchasing a web-based pattern generator and instructions. This is neither a finished product nor a downloadable .pdf file. Upon checkout, watch for an email from Studio Auckland. This email has the directions you need to access the Fit Without Fail custom pattern generator. Please allow up to ten minutes for the email to arrive in your inbox.

Return and Refund Policy:
There are no refunds on this Fit Without Fail Pattern Generator.


Sew Drawstring Bags that Fit Without Fail

The calculator will guide you to cut and sew a drawstring bag to encase items of any size.

Website Intro to FWF

After purchase, you have unlimited access to this calculator including any designer changes and updates.

Please share your finished dust bags on social media and tag #FitWithoutFail. Please give @FitWithoutFail design credit in your social media posts. Follow me on Instagram @FitWithoutFail

Once purchased, there are no refunds on this Fit Without Fail calculator. You may sell handmade-by-you items from this pattern on a small scale at your shop or website. You may not sell or share this pattern in whole or in part. You are granted a personal, non-commercial license for a single user which is non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable. Video tutorials of this pattern are not allowed without permission. If you wish to teach from this pattern, please seek prior approval.

24 reviews for Fit Without Fail Pattern Generator

  1. Sue Reed (verified owner)

    Loving it so far 🙂 I wanted to make a dust cover for a custom order and usually I just wing it. This was such an awesome tool to just punch in the measurements and everything I needed was there 🙂 So much quicker and more professional looking! thank you 🙂

  2. Chris Sherwin (verified owner)

    Well how easy was that, this generator does all the maths for you, saving valuable time for me. You won’t be disappointed buying this, ingenious

  3. Patty Mancuso (verified owner)

    In addition to using this ingenious fit calculator for dust covers for handbags, I’ll be using it to make unique fabric gift wrap bags. Reusable and everyone loves getting gifts with fabric wraps!

  4. Cecelia Perry (verified owner)

    So easy to use. I’ll be using this for many more things than just bags! Thank you !

  5. Teresa Stanton (verified owner)

    This is genius! No guesswork, and it comes out perfect every time! What a time saver and looks so professional as well! Thanks Patty!

  6. Kathy Kinstler (verified owner)

    This is absolutely the easiest way to make a classy dust cover for all of your bag creations. No guesswork at all. Just enter the dimensions and away you go!

  7. teresa (verified owner)

    Bought it today and have already made two custom dust covers Easy and fast and perfect for protecting the bags.

  8. Deirdre Brown (verified owner)

    Had quite an awkward bag shape but the generator worked perfectly and a great dust bag pattern was produced. I anticipate a lot of use and can thoroughly recommend the pattern.

  9. Frankie Hirstmsn (verified owner)

    This product is so great! It takes the guess work & math out of making the dust covers for my handbags! What at timesaver for me & my small business.

  10. Deborah Miller (verified owner)

    Terrific tool, provides perfect fit and professional look for protecting your bags.

  11. Sally Ciuzak (verified owner)

    So easy to use, instructions clearly written, endless possibilities for use. A true game changer!

  12. Judith Clauss (verified owner)

    Excellent pattern generator. Tried in on 3 different sized handbags and each one fit perfectly. Easy to use, clear directions!

  13. Costes Nicole (verified owner)

    Très pratique et utile. Je rajouterai toutefois des valeurs d’unité de mesure comme le cm qui m’aurait évité la conversion

    Very practical and useful. However, I will add unit of measurement values ​​such as cm which would have saved me the conversion

  14. Kathy N. (verified owner)

    What a wonderful product! Easy to use and great for anyone who sews bags!

  15. Doreen (verified owner)

    Fit without Fail worked great. I made a diaper bag for a baby shower. Use the Fit without Fail pattern to make a reusable gift bag. It turned out super cute!

  16. Stacey (verified owner)

    I love using Fit Without Fail! The generator works perfectly every time! My only regret is I didn’t buy it sooner!

  17. Susan Harris (verified owner)

    Love, love, love this pattern!! My dust bag fit my bag ever so perfectly and really gave it that super high end look!! I’ll be using this for all my bags from here on out!! Well done Studio Auckland!!

  18. Pamela (verified owner)

    Truly fits without fail. Love it. The owner is tremendously helpful. I’m new to sewing and I had no trouble

  19. Janie Oren (verified owner)

    I LOVE the Fit Without Fail. Not only do I use it for dust covers for my bags but I make gift bags and storage bags as well. Not only that a lot of times the gift bags get recycled and used over again. How great is that!

  20. K Dicus (verified owner)

    This pattern made up perfectly for a gift bag. It was just the right size, fit perfectly, and was easy to make. I will be using this pattern generator over and over!

  21. Carla (verified owner)

    Great idea and it works great. These bags are so easy to make and they do fit perfectly. Love it!

  22. Patty (verified owner)

    The Fit Without Fail Calculator is awesome. If you measure accurately, the bag will fit perfectly.

  23. MJ (verified owner)

    Fabulous tool!

  24. Susan Shaw (verified owner)

    I love this so much I’m on my second bag already. The instructions make this so easy to make. I LOVE the 1/2″ seam allowances, and how the top is finished makes the bag look so professional.

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